Dorothy Iannone & Juliette Blightman: The Vleeshal Opera

The Vleeshal Opera is the third iteration of a series of exhibitions between Juliette Blightman and Dorothy Iannone, first appearing at Arcadia Missa (London, UK), then travelling to Kölnischer Kunstverein (Cologne, Germany).

The exhibitions were instigated by Blightman’s discovery of Iannone’s book, The Story of Bern, and the work, (Ta)Rot Pack (1968–69). A series of 27 tarot cards that depict scenes of Iannone’s time with the artist Dieter Rot, their everyday life and passionate relationship.

The Story of Bern tells the story of how Iannone was invited to participate in the exhibition Freunde – Friends – d’Fründe (1969), but encountered censorship through the removal of several graphic works before the exhibition opening, resulting in the artist pulling out of the show in protest. Blightman felt inspired by these events and created her own tarot pack, Stages of Seed Development (2020), which serves as the starting point for this collaborative exhibition.



27 July – 12 September 2021


Roos Gortzak


Caslon Doric Condensed, Turnery


Gunnar Meier

The identity of the exhibition echoes the principles of the previously released publication, Dorothy Iannone & Juliette Blightman: (Ta)Rot Tarot (2020), creating a balance between the presence of both artists. Each piece of print can be rotated and read equally.

A printed gallery guide contains an introductory essay, map of work locations and extended captions.

The invitation collects two loose tarot cards from each pack within a 6pp cover. Information is revealed as the receiver unwraps the sheet.