Marc Bauer: Mal-Être/Performance

Mal-Être /Performance is Marc Bauer’s first solo exhibition in the UK. The exhibition explores the motif of people on migrating boats throughout history, from ancient Greece to present day. Marc uses a mixture contemporary media footage and historic imagery to show the slow and cumulative process of drawing and erasing – bringing the past into the present in an investigation of humanity.

The imagery in the accompanying publication is printed in black on a warm-white uncoated stock that closely matches the paper used within the artwork. This wraps a central essay, referencing the placement of people within the wrapped hull of a boat. The text is printed in a strong blue on grey paper to continue the nautical theme, which was carried through to the design of the exhibition space.



12 September – 17 November 2019


Eva Herzog


210 × 310 mm




Saddle stitched with black staples


ABC ROM, Spectral

Titling and captions are set in ROM by Seb McLauchlan, a sans serif typeface that explores anonymity through neutral letterforms. The body text is set in Spectral, a typeface by Production Type based on a traditional French modern style. As a typeface available on the Google Fonts platform, it is free to digitally cross borders and boundaries online.