PhD Programme, Art Department, Goldsmiths, 2021

A large-sized publication bringing together contributions from PhD researchers in the Art Department at Goldsmiths, University of London.

Exploring an extensive range of material and subject matter, giving an intimate glimpse into the practice-based research projects at disparate stages of development. From excerpts to field notes, digital links to woven fabric. A cross-pollination of ideas and conversations whilst being scattered across the globe.

The book’s specification informs the cover. An alphabetical list of artists on the front acting as the contents, indexed with the page numbers that they appear on. Colophon information forms the back cover, detailing the construction of the book. The blurb is on the inner front cover, setting the scene for the opposite pages. All printed in a punchy digital blue.

A Swiss binding gives it the feeling of a collected range of documentation, highlighted with a contrasting bright orange cloth spine tape.




Marie-Alix Isdahl, Dani Smith, Nina Wakeford


210 × 297 mm







Entries are graphically brought together through the use of Newsreader*, an open-source serif typeface by Production Type that was designed for long-form reading. There are text, caption and display styles that allow for a shifting tone of voice with a connected visual consistency. ‘Text’ being neutrally academic in feeling, ‘Caption’ squared and unusual, ‘Display’ decorative.

Text-based artworks are interspersed throughout, printed on 4 page sections of cream uncoated paper in the same blue Pantone colour as the cover, breaking up runs of full colour imagery.