Anne Tallentire: As happens

As happens is a solo exhibition of new work by Anne Tallentire. The exhibition builds on the artist’s ongoing engagement with precariousness and contingency in relation to social spaces, concerns that have been articulated in works that dismantle, re-order, and re-situate everyday materials and systems tied to specific locations or social situations. Valuing flux, mobility, observation, and chance.

The booklet captures two conversations between Anne and Hollybush Gardens directors Lisa Panting and Malin Ståhl in the run up to the exhibition, taking place either side of the first British Covid-19 lockdown.

A bound French-fold jacket hides an installation image within two horizontal cover flaps. Giving the booklet a sculptural quality and enticing the reader to explore.




26 September – 31 October 2021


140 × 240 mm




Saddle stitched with French-fold Jacket


ABC Ginto

The two interviews are presented in parallel, divided through a continuously graduating line and jarring colour change from red to orange. Blending the narratives together and pushing the reader to turn back the pages to start the second text.

Text is set in ABC Ginto, a contemporary geometric typeface that draws parallels with the forms found within Tallentire’s work.