Olga de Amaral

A catalogue collecting together the London and New York Lisson Gallery exhibitions of work by the celebrated Colombian artist, Olga de Amaral. Bringing together the cascading, layered textiles and installations formed from clouds of hanging strands, that sit alongside historical paintings and sculptures.

Amaral has a mastery of the loom, which is brought into the very fabric of the book through a bespoke debossing on the jacket, developed from a photographic detail of Transparencia Dorada (1984). This debossing plate is almost a meter in width.

The jacket is a heavy-weight, recycled, uncoated material that gives structure to the book below. The separate book block is bound with an open spine and no card cover, allowing it to open completely flat. The jacket flaps hide two archival images of Amaral, one on each cover.




210 × 280 mm






Open spine


SangBleu Republic

The 8 page sections of the publication are sewn with two shades of thread: a white colour that sits back with the paper, and a brown colour that is reminiscent of the natural materials used in Amaral’s work. Highlighting the very structure of the book that binds it together.

The same heavy-weight card as the cover is used as 4 page section dividers at the start of each run of exhibition imagery. This material is printed with a metallic Pantone ink, which nods to the gold used within many of the pieces.

At their centre, the dividers contain a full listing of extended captions for each show.

All artwork imagery is presented as full bleed pages and spreads, blowing them up to be as large as they can be. Often showing intricate details of the pieces to highlight the craft that it has taken to create them.

Placing shortened captions at the bottom of the page leaves a wide expanse of white space. Giving moments of pause as you turn the pages.

The book is typeset in SangBleu Republic, a contemporary take on classical serifs that is designed for unobtrusive text and continuous reading, but with a flourish of detail when presented at larger sizes. From a pronounced serif width to asymmetrical centres and tapering curved forms, the justified-set text pages create an overall warm appearance that is reminiscent of the textile details.


23 September – 29 October 2022


148 × 210 mm


SangBleu Republic

An invitation and bookmark were created for the opening of the London exhibition. Utilising archive photography and printing the debossing design from the book jacket.