The Culture Factory: Architecture and the Contemporary Art Museum

New Directions in Contemporary Art is a series of publications published by Lund Humphries. Featuring newly commissioned critical texts identifying key topics and trends in contemporary-art practice and discussing their impact in the wider art world and beyond in an accessible way.

The Culture Factory: Architecture and the Contemporary Art Museum explores the key battlegrounds in the design of the contemporary-art museum, describing the intersection of art, aesthetics and politics at the highest levels, and the commitment of states, cities and wealthy individuals to the display of art from Europe and the Americas to contemporary China. It describes museum building as the projection of political power, but also as a desire to acquire power.



Richard J. Williams


New Directions in Contemporary Art

Series Editor

Marcus Verhagen

The series design introduces a strong two-colour scheme to each entry. Bold edging on each side of the cover creates a recognisable bookshelf presence, with the colour blocks following the sheet around to flaps that reveal a full bleed contextual image on the inside cover.

Title text arrangements are playfully arranged in a ‘free space’ between the series title and author name, moving around on each publication to create visual differentiation.

WH Aldine, a typeface developed by Wolfe Hall, is used for the overall series identity. Mediaan by Dávid Molnár is used for title and body text. Both typefaces are modern interpretations of historic type styles. Pushing stylistic elements that give a contemporary feeling to the series in a legible and considered way.


130 × 200 mm






WH Aldine, Mediaan