Mark, Roll, Dash, Stamp, Hatch, Dot, Press, Rub, Twist, Spread, Blot, Swipe, Smudge, Print

An edition created to celebrate our working process as a studio, utilising experimentations created throughout 2022.

Mark-making is a long-standing early lesson in art and design education. The density and roughness of a texture can convey a variety of different feelings or emotions within an image. It can be gestural or controlled. An unplanned reaction or created with a methodical approach. Repetitious or sparse.

This book contains various examples of mark-making, compiled to form a library of textures created within the studio. They are an experiment with process: the organic creation of hand-rendered artwork, which is then scanned into the digital realm where they can be cut up, tweaked, warped, bitmapped, overlaid, coloured, scaled and reproduced infinitely.