Magali Reus: A Sentence in Soil

A publication that celebrates the work created by the artist Magali Reus for her second major US show, A Sentence in Soil, held at the Nasher Sculpture Center in Dallas, Texas, between 14 May – 9 October 2022.

The exhibition is an installation of new work that examines how the forms of simple, recognisable objects can generate an immediate chain of associations when dislocated from their original functions. Sculptures that explore, expand upon, and contradict the physical properties and cultural baggage of its original source.

Working in close collaboration with the artist and curator Catherine Craft, this book divides the content between two halves. Utilising two separate Swiss-bound book blocks, fixed within the textured, recycled board cover. This material is more often used for packaging purposes, referenced through the presence of the barcode on the spine of the book.




210 × 280 mm




Swiss-bound, two book blocks


Cheltenham Condensed, Atlas Grotesk

The left-hand side of the book contains the exhibition; installation photography and a text by Craft about Reus’ practice. Split between sections of coloured and coated material. This aspect of dividing content creates the feeling that the book is a collection of sources and references.

Texts are set in Atlas Grotesk, a contemporary revival by the US based type foundry, Commercial Type, of the lost Dutch typeface Mercator. Using predominantly heavy weights gives an industrial edge.

The right-hand side of the book contains the artwork; in-depth photography exploring the forms from various angles, split into the five series of work within the exhibition. These series are presented in equal extents, broken up through the use of a wrapped coloured stock around the page section.

These dividing pages show elements of source material, process and experimentation taken by Reus when developing her work. Often forming a playful interlude of unusual juxtapositions.