Danh Vo: untitled

A companion gallery guide for the artist’s first UK solo exhibition at South London Gallery, and the first exhibition to be shown across both sites of the gallery and out into surrounding Peckham. 

The cover of the guide is printed on a heavy-weight, single-sided packaging board, giving the exterior a toothy, tactile feeling – a tactility that references paper used by the artist throughout the exhibition.

The interior cover has a smooth coating which allows for detailed printing of the off-site sculpture. This work is the last element of the exhibition and is revealed to the reader on the inside back cover. 

Text is set in Janson, an 18th-century typeface with calligraphic qualities who’s design was wrongly attributed for centuries.* The typeface’s mixture of hand-rendered form and story of misattribution matches themes found throughout Vo’s work.




19 September – 24 November 2019


170 × 310 mm




Saddle stitched



* Janson was named for Anton Janson (1620–1687), a Leipzig-based printer and punch-cutter from the Netherlands who was believed to have created them. In 1954 research was published proving that the designer of the Janson typeface was in fact a Hungarian-Transylvanian schoolmaster and punchcutter, Miklós (Nicholas) Tótfalusi Kis (1650–1702), who became deeply interested in printing after being sent to Amsterdam to help print a Hungarian Protestant translation of the Bible.