Vleeshal Center for Contemporary Art Promotion

Vleeshal is a center for contemporary art located in Middelburg, Netherlands, recognised internationally for their versatile and vibrant projects presented both within the walls of its unique Gothic exhibition space* and beyond.

This promotional print plays on the window designs found on the outside of the gallery, repurposing it as a bright and alluring cover graphic that changes between three neon colours depending on whether the text inside is in Dutch, English or German. The interior layers image and text through the use of a concertina roll-fold, creating a sense of reveal as you open up the flyer.




210 × 148 mm




Dutch, English, German


Vleeshal Sans

* The Vleeshal used to be Middelburg’s town hall and was built between 1513 and 1521. The construction of the town hall was overseen by multiple generations of the Keldermans, a family of Flemish architects.

The Vleeshal (literally translated: meat hall) functioned as the townhall’s meat market for several centuries. Members of the butchers’ guild sold their produce, storing their knives and money in the niches that can be seen along the space’s long walls. After losing its initial function, the hall served various other purposes during the twentieth century including an auction house for vegetables, a bicycle storage, a municipal archive, and a war museum.