American Painting

A postcard set to accompany American Painting, a selection of iconic works by leading 20th century American painters presented by Waddington Custot at Frieze Masters 2021.

In a style often described as Photorealist, the paintings on show go beyond mere photographic emulation, conveying not just an accurate depiction of a scene but also the atmosphere of the world around them. Trappings of the American Dream that carry a feeling of nostalgic allure.




13–17 October 2021


176 × 125 mm


Folder, Text, 7 Postcards


ATF Railroad Gothic, ATF Franklin Gothic

The postcards are printed on a heavyweight and slightly textured card, using the image caption to divide the reverse into areas for message and address. A separate introductory text ties the narrative together.

Bold coloured typography pulls from the aesthetics of mid-century American advertising, using heavy-hit foil shadows to create a punched impression into the folder. 

American Type Foundry’s Railroad Gothic is used for the lead titling, a quintessential typographic expression of turn-of-the-century industrial spirit – bold and brash in tone, and a little rough around the edges. Paired with Franklin Gothic, a sans serif with a uniquely American personality.

A simple social media campaign transforms the identity and selected image details into an impactful visual.