WH Aldine Mono

An ongoing experimental typeface based around sketches and unfinished fonts by the acclaimed type designer, William Dwiggins in the early 1930s for the Underwood Typewriter Company, Remington and IBM. 

The lettering juxtaposes serious monolinear slab serifs with playfully exaggerated angles and a friendly openness found within the wide letterforms. A benefit of not being restricted by typewriter format limitations.* Whilst characterful, it still maintains legibility.

OpenType features have also been utilised to bring in an alternative lowercase style based around some of Dwiggins’ explorations into cursive letterforms and upright-script – lesser seen character styles inspired by calligraphy that were designed to give more presence of the hand to machine written documents.



Monospace, Serif, Script


Light and Regular

* Dwiggins also experimented with creating a typeface that had three variable widths to give a more natural feeling to a typewritten document, as seen in his drawing for one of the Underwood typefaces.