Workhome Project Identity

The Workhome Project is an organisation advocating for design policy changes to tackle the growing inequality that is becoming increasingly visible during the lockdowns caused by Covid-19. They are pushing for the re-thinking of existing city models, taking into account those that work from home and designing for this new culture of business. Tackling legislation that often result in overcrowded living conditions and challenging lawmakers to create a fairer and more inclusive economy.

We worked with the Workhome Project to create an identity that gave urgency to their messaging. With bold typographic posters, strong and uplifting colours, and visuals that can evolve over time.




Field Grot and Turnery

A simple three-sided shape references the walls of a building, and houses various elements of content. Giving a sense of hierarchy and structure that can be built upon – adding layers or ‘floors’ of information.

We used Field Grot, a heavyweight and condensed sans serif typeface by Matter of Sorts that allows for fitted headlines with a strong punch. The characterful lettering is reminiscent of the wood block lettering found on vintage political posters. We paired this with Turnery, also by Matter of Sorts, for the body text. A workmanlike face that takes cues from building fascia lettering and sign painting, giving it plenty of personality and warmth. Together creating a delicate balance between impact and approachability.

The identity has been expanded upon by Joseph Kohlmaier, who created the striking website for the organisation. An informative resource for those who would like to learn more about what can often be seen as a complicated subject.

Website Design

Joseph Kohlmaier