A Studio Between Identity

A Studio Between is a London-based studio, led by Richard J McConkey, former Head of Hospitality at Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby’s Universal Design Studio. Working between interiors and architecture, furniture and art practice to create personal, impactful and beautiful spaces for living. Bridging the practical and the poetic, with an approach to design that believes that care translates, and an ambition to drive world-class design in a quietly radical way.

The identity centres around the typeface Signifier, a challenging re-exploration of serif typography by Klim Type Foundry. Sitting somewhere between historical models and modern architectural ideals – utilising a strong sense of logic, led by emotion.

This gives plenty of character to the logo letterforms, which are then adaptable to each use. Either sitting as a single-line lock-up, spacing out the words to fit in the length of a page, or expanding and breaking free to cover the whole available area. Using space as the in ‘between’.




The expanding aspect of the identity becomes apparent when applied to the company stationary. Taking these principles further with stylistic flair through the use of a stepped paragraphs arrangement.

There are two letterhead designs available to use for different scenarios. Whether A Studio Between would like to be playful in their approach, or if a quiet minimalism is preferred.

The business cards are foil printed in a dark charcoal onto a subtle warm-white, textured, card stock for a tactile feeling.