Annie Rickard Straus Identity

Annie Rickard Straus is a printmaker based in London, creating illustrative scenes and colourful abstract compositions with lots of energy.

The identity centres around the use of the typeface Halyard, whose characterful and open letterforms are reminiscent of sign-painting. Using a light weight to not overshadow the bold artwork.

A portfolio website showcases Rickard Straus’s work. Featuring large-scale imagery on a vertically sliding homepage carousel, with the ability to apply a custom coloured background to contrast or complement.

Information about Rickard Straus is available in the right-hand tab, splitting the page between text and her latest Instagram post.

A gallery page lays out all the artworks, filtered by age, size, and if they are able to be purchased. Expanding a work opens a new view that maintains the large image size, scrollable through a carousel viewer with further information about the piece to the right.




Kieran Startup


Halyard Display

Rickard Straus held a print shop in Shoreditch, London, in 2022, selling her print work and textile items. A flyer was created to advertise the pop-up, utilising hand-cut, layered shapes, that were screen printed on a variety of recycled coloured paper in numerous colour-ways.