Document of the testimony, deliberation and reflection of the Artist Citizens Jury 2022

In November 2022, an Artist Citizens Jury was constituted by artists Elizabeth Price and Nina Wakeford at Goldsmiths CCA to explore and represent the experience of artists in Universities. Based on the model of a Citizens Jury, a form of participatory action research widely used in public and civic settings, the Artist Citizens Jury worked as a group to consider the following questions: Given the presence of artists in universities, and the recognition of practice-led research, how can parity be ensured with other disciplines? How can the allocation of research funding support art in universities?

This publication collects together the transcript of the entire two days of the event, held between 12–13 November 2022. The text introduces the format, the room arrangement, and every spoken word, with biographies at the end. Bound together in a short run that was then distributed across arts libraries.

A pdf of the publication can be downloaded here.




Elizabeth Price, Nina Wakeford




210 × 280 mm




Perfect Bound



The publication’s cover and spine reference the seating installation created for the event. A four-part curved yellow bench system that could be arranged to form a circle in the hope of creating an empowering collective authority.

The shapes of the benches were kiss-cut from a bright yellow sheet of adhesive backed paper, and hand placed onto the cover in a variety of arrangements.

The internal design of the document takes a staggered approach to create a hierarchy of voices during the back-and-forth dialogue. With care and attention given to ensuring that the text size and line length was legible for extended reading.

Inserts of yellow paper created section dividers and provide a bold colour break along the outer edge of the closed publication to help a reader find their position.