livability was a two-day symposium held at Fondazione Antonio Ratti, Como, Italy, assessing the current ecological crises and the necessary vital change that needs to follow. Exploring the relationship between art and ecology from artistic, philosophical and socio-environmental perspectives. Bringing together artists, researchers, philosophers, activists and anthropologists in a common program that draws from the vast global landscape to create new alliances through reflections and practice.

The campaign is styled through dynamic typographic arrangements of large, shouting, text. Printed a single-colour, green, onto a recycled yellow paper stock, sourced from a mill that is as close to the event as possible, and printed in a local printer to reduce the footprint of the ephemera.

ABC Social by ABC Dynamo is used throughout. A friendly, smooth grotesque, that is named for the collaborative effort put in by the team of type designers – reminiscent of the collaboration required to answer the posed questions at the symposium. Heavy, black weights form highlights in the texts with a strong sense of urgency.



ABC Social