Pertti’s Choice

Pertti’s Choice was a pop-up café and exhibition space held in Shoreditch in 2019. It celebrates Pertin Valinta, Finland’s first social enterprise owned by people with learning disabilities, founded by the members of the punk band Pertti Kurikka’s Name Day (Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät or PKN).*

The graphics reference punk visuals through the use of bold yellow colour and raw, collaged forms. Images are treated with a halftone screen and cut out using only straight angles for a DIY aesthetic.



8–10 August 2019



Alexandra Savtchenko


134 × 210 mm




Saddle Stitched Booklet with Black Staples

The typeface used throughout is an amalgamation of two neutral sans serifs, programmed to be randomised so that an unpredictable mixture of letterforms appear when typed. The letters have also been roughened on the edges to give the impression of being run out on an old Xerox machine – an effect that becomes more apparent the larger it appears within the graphics.

The exhibition and event space takes the punk aesthetic to the next level with printed posters and texts that are nailed into the walls using roughly-hewn black tacks, large-scale vinyl poetry, and captions that are cut into jagged shapes to closely reference the stained black and roughly broken sheets of chipboard that make up the furniture.