PUP Architects Identity

PUP is a London-based design and architecture studio specialising in socially and environmentally conscious architectural projects, with a reputation for having a positive design ethos which is critically engaged with the discipline and the world around it. 

We worked with PUP to create their visual identity, utilising the three capital letters of their name as a way to react visually to the given space on different documents.* Shaping and dividing area in relation to the practices name.




Neue Haas Grotesk, Rotation


Simone Bossi

The letterhead provides the structural basis for A4 documentation. Creating a grid that can be easily switch between for letters, invoices, quotations, imagery and longer text documents.

The studio has a range of coloured papers that could be used within their printed output, allowing them to react to the type of job at hand. A warm white for more serious output, and a green or pink for more playful work. A neutral black text helps to elevate imagery.

The website continues the ‘office’ aesthetic, utilising lines to create spaces for imagery and information. Framing content to draw attention to details and create narratives for each project. News articles are positioned typographically onto coloured backgrounds for a degree of separation.


Kieran Startup

* Titles and headers are set in Neue Haas Grotesk Text 75 Bold, a heavy-weighted revival of the Helvetica predecessor. Body text is set in Rotation, giving a warmth to the visuals as a counter to the all caps styling of the identity. Combined, they are reminiscent of office stationary and product catalogues from the 1960s.