Studio Straus Identity

Studio Straus is an award-winning creative agency led by Annie Rickard Straus that specialises in scribing (live event illustration), displays, lettering and illustration. They use the power and subtlety of image-making to convey corporate messages, unravel complex narratives and stimulate conversation.

The identity centres around the use of the typeface Halyard, whose characterful letterforms are reminiscent of sign-painting. On the front of the business card, the heavy weight of the text accentuates this character, listing the range of services that Studio Straus offers.

The reverse of the card is much quieter, leaving space for Annie to embellish with striking illustrations, or to write down details at events.



Halyard Display

A portfolio website details the services on offer from Studio Straus. Featuring large-scale imagery on a vertically sliding homepage carousel, interspersed with quotations from previous large clients. With further information available for each project, keeping imagery large and to the fore to show the fine details of the complex information that is distilled into the illustrations.


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