Horizons Convergents

Horizons Convergents (Converging Horizons) focuses on the sculpture, painting and textile art of Etel Adnan, Sheila Hicks and Sophia Vari, three celebrated artists who are exploring new modes of thinking and of expression. Bringing together their lifetimes of global experiences, channelled back to their studios in Paris where they have all continued to find creative ways to make work which entices viewers to discover, dream and travel, even during the months of restricted freedom. This print accompanies the group exhibition held at Clavé Fine Art, Paris in 2021.

The 6pp wrapped cover features an unusual extended flap that sits across the first page to entice a reader to explore the work within. A list of works sits on the inner flap, giving a playful way to interact with the content whilst keeping the image pages clear of captioning.

The cover material is a textured peach-coloured Japanese paper, nodding to the Kengo Kuma designed space where the exhibition is held, bound together with a bold burnt-orange thread.



19 October – 6 November 2021


Isaure Bouriez, Laurence Custot


Waddington Custot at Clavé Fine Art, Paris

Selected as ‘in book’ for small graphics at the Tokyo TDC Annual Awards 2023.

Careful image placement makes the most of the show-through created from using a lightweight uncoated paper, creating areas of converging content throughout the design.

Full bleed greyscale portraits and large quotations sit alongside the works. Breaking up runs of artwork imagery to give context to their practice and a sense of rhythm for the reader.

The typeface Messer by Inga Plönnigs is used throughout, taking inspiration from hand-rendered lettering. Emphasising and exaggerating elements such as sharp chiselled edges and unbalanced overhangs, which come together to give movement to the text.


190 × 290 mm


6pp cover + 20pp interior


Three-hole stitch



A digital campaign for social media and email brings life to the graphic identity, giving movement to the title which transitions onto the page. Phasing in and fading away, replicating the playful transparency found within the booklet.