Studio Bates Rai Identity

Studio Bates Rai are architects based between Berlin and Brighton. As a practice they are interested in an economic architecture that is rooted in its place and sensitive to the social and environmental conditions of the work. Being shaped by the client, engineers, and the builders that contribute their expertise to the projects.

This idea of craft and expertise can be used as a way to draw attention to elements that are often taken for granted, something we wanted to reflect in the identity. Utilising two weights of typeface: creating a solid graphic structure through arrangements of semibold text, and drawing attention to the typographical detailing through programming punctuation and diacritics to appear in a lighter weight.*





The addresses of the two partners form the backbone of the identity, appearing large on the reverse of documents and stationary. All office items are printed using black Risograph onto 90gsm uncoated paper stock, giving a sense of texture through process. The logo is embossed onto business cards, interacting with the content that overlays the impression.

A uniform approach to type size on each document avoids conflict between each element. Whilst having a strong impact, the regularity of the lettering lets it sit back and allows imagery to take the centre stage when it needs to.

The website layers imagery and text, separating them through transitions and a vertical slideshow so that each project has enough space to stand out to visitors.


Kieran Startup

* Söhne was created by the type foundry Klim as the memory of Akzidenz Grotesk and Helvetica. It was first drawn using physical signage in bold as a starting point – a different way of thinking to how most typefaces are created. Ordinarily type design references begin with printed specimens and take shape as a regular or book weight. This typographic physicality gives the identity weight, whilst the large letter sizes show off the softer character found in Söhne’ forms.